Information Required For Filling Up An ESTA Application Form

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It has been easier than ever before for the citizens of some countries to visit the US with a  very simple way. If you are a citizen from a country that falls under the visa waiver programs of America, then all you need to do is to fill a simple form and verify yourself as eligible for entering the US. There is no need for you to apply again and again for a visa over and over again if you successfully fill the esta form and get verified by the embassy officials of USA. 

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the esta form is simple to fill and as we all know, filling the form needs the personal information of the applicant. The necessary details about you that you have to present in the application form are described in the following points.

  • Demographic data – the very first thing that an esta form asks the applicant is nothing other than the personal demographic information. It includes the name, surname, sex and the name of parents. At this step, you can also mention the fictitious name of yours, in case you have one.
  • Passport data – in this field, the information about the passport is required to be filled. It includes the passport number, date of issue of passport and along with the expiration date. It also requires the country where the applicant lives, and the passport was issued.
  • Contact information – after the passport details, the next thing that is required to be filled in an esta form is the contact information like email, phone number, and residential address including the city and country where you live. Also, it requires an emergency contact number and information which can be reached to in case of emergency.

Other than the above-mentioned details, the esta form also asks for the information about the trip for which you are applying and also the necessary information about your job.