Major differences in working of kindle unlimited and audible!

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Kindle and audible are platforms that offer a subscription for the bookworms and allow them to read a massive collection of books available in all genres. Kindle unlimited is a platform that has more than a million books in its collection. Users can borrow them if they have a subscription of kindle and can read the books from any Amazon device. You can hire only ten books at a time. Audible offers audiobooks of a different variety, and you will get credit points; which you can use to buy audiobooks every month. Audible members can also buy some extra books every month.

Points that differ kindle from audible

In the debate of Medium, there are various points that make both the platforms different from each other.

Exchange and subscription policies

If your mind gets changed and you want to cancel the membership in between with kindle, you are allowed to do that, but with it, all your collection of books will also be lost. You can only access you borrowed books till you are subscribed to the kindle. However, in audible, even if you revoke your membership, you are allowed to access all your collection because unlike kindle, you have purchased them using your credit points. You can easily exchange any purchased audiobook for another book.

Latest content

It is a major drawback of kindle that even after having such a massive collection of books; users are still unable to find the most recent and trending titles on the platform. The titles and books are removed from the platform without any prior notice. It is possible that a book that you are reading goes unavailable in between your reading. On audible you have to the access to every book that is available in audiotape format. You will easily find audiotapes of all the top and latest titles on audible.

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