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Twelve years ago we down sized to a little 6 acre farm. My hubby maintained our farm with his two Ford tractors a 1939 9N along with a 1942 8N. We checked out new tractors and decided to keep the old ones running as they did what was needed.

After my partner passed away, we were not able to get his old tractors going; spring was upon us and also the fields were growing and needed to be cut. I decided to buy a brand new tractor.

My hubby had told me if it got to machinery always talk to the people in the service department. He explained you’ll probably will need to go through a salesman however speak to the service department and learn which models would be the most dependable, exactly what are the usual problems one can anticipate to come across, and then the parts department, basically get all your questions answered. Also, he thought to research at least three different brands.

I took the tractor folder away from his desk and checked out the fliers for the New Holland Tractor Manual. He had also noted on the flier that the salesman, Brent, was a good man, no double talk. My decision was developed to start out there.

We had looked at the newest Holland Boomers three years earlier. The salesman, Brent, whom we had talked with, was still there and was now the sales manager. Also, he remembered us, the size of our farm, and what we could be making use of it for.

Brent showed the model in my opinion that he thought was right for my farm. He then went over everything into it because i knew nothing about tractors along with never been on one. He explained some great benefits of the HST, hydrostatic transmission as well as the HST foot pedal, the 4WD, the clutch pedal, differential lock, dashboard, and all of the gears. As well as the front loader, the snap release hoses, the PTO, 3-point linkage, and the seat; should you get out from the seat while the tractor is running, the tractor will stop. Brent also went over the significance of wearing the seat belt once the Roll bar is incorporated in the up position.

After showing the tractor to me and answering my questions, he introduced me to the Service Manger, Tom, as well as the Parts Manager, Dan. He also had me drive one out of the parking lot. Once I asked about trading inside the two old tractors, Brent said no worries. We went over what attachments I needed to make certain they would work using the new tractor. I left with my head swimming with an all new education on tractors.

Next was the Kubota dealership. The salesman was nice showed comparable models for me. He thought I would possess a smaller tractor; no offer was extended to operate one. He couldn’t take my old tractors in on trade but provided to consign them. The service manager was at lunch and that i didn’t get the opportunity to talk to him.

The next dealer was John Deere. It was the initial place where I had trouble just acquiring a salesman to talk to me. Once I tried to talk to anyone inside their service department, they suggested I come back with my partner. A salesman finally talked with me, acted offended when I asked if they would take my old tractors in on trade, and provided the ‘dumb woman’ treatment.

I then did my research online for a complete comparison in the three tractors. The cost was approximately the same. All three had the features I needed and were the top 3 brands. The most significant feature in my opinion was who was going to be there when I needed help, who had the most effective support. Which had been Brim Tractor Company, the newest Holland dealership.

I went back and talked with Brent two more times as well as the last time my son went with me. He talked with Brent and agreed with everything else Brent were required to say. He test drove the tractor and felt it was a secure machine which I could handle it.

I purchased the brand new Holland TC29DA Boomer Compact Tractor with front loader and a backhoe. When it was delivered my son and son-in-law were here to give me lessons into it. My husband wouldn’t let me drive the previous tractors; I never wyyjxp driving a tractor could be so much fun! It gives one a new perspective on tasks that need to be done. The tractor has replaced the wheelbarrow and given us a new freedom.

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